Practice Makes Perfect

A music practice log for musicians of all levels

Improve the way you practice

A practice tool that's full of features


Keep a log of your arpeggios, scales, exercises and all your pieces

Practice Options

Flexible practice options to help you focus where you need to

Timed Practices

Practice sessions are timed, and there is also a built in metronome

Log Time

Manually log practices you do outwith Practice Makes Perfect


Scores for Major and Minor arpeggios and scales are included for reference

Skill Level

Rate yourself as you practice

Quick Guide


Practice Lists

Once you have created an instrument, default practice lists are attached to it. You can add additional lists, and remove the default ones.


Add Elements

Initially the practice lists are empty and you need to add elements to them. The default arpeggio and scale lists are pre-populated however you need to turn them on to use them for practices.



Now that your lists are set up you are ready to practice. You can customise your practice session by choosing from Random and Custom options. You can also save your settings to use again.


The Hard Work Begins

Now that you have started a practice session, it's time for you to put the work in. Your practice sessions are timed so you can track how long you practice.